Are you tired of watching your budget end while there is still days left till the next payday?

Screenshots of the BUDGT App.
A screenshot of the BUDGT App.

How much can I spend today and still save money this month?

The one answer, BUDGT gives you every single day as you track your expenses. By keeping within your daily budget, you are guaranteed to have something left by the end of the month!

Users love BUDGT

Being a full time mom with 2 jobs I’m obsessed with these kind of apps! I have tried a lot of budgeting apps but this one by far is the most user friendly, direct easy on the eyes just really perfect for me!
Great App!!!
This app is not for you if you want a more detailed accounting of your expenses and earnings. I prefer this app over more complex apps just to keep tabs on my budget from a wider perspective. When you’re on the go, it’s perfect to punch in numbers.
It's easy to use
I have tried several free apps, and this one is definitely worth 2 dollars. It is easy to use to track my spending and see how much I have left by breaking it down to a daily budget.
Best no-nonsense budget app
Crazy to think I am the first reviewer. I figured this app would have tons of reviews by now. It is a wonderful, minimalistic, clean take on a zero sum budget strategy. Definitely helped me get and stay on budget. Worth a try for anyone who wants to get their finances on track
Best budgeting app I have tried so far!
It is incredibly easy to add everyday transactions. I recommend not creating too many categories but that’s up to you. I’d like to see a more detailed summary like how many transactions and for what amount were made for each category.
Jaime ACL
Easiest way to keep track of budget
I love this app. I use it for daily budgeting tho, so like the amount of money I can spend in a month on a daily basis (grocery + restaurant + fun stuff money for the month). I don’t include the monthly fees which don’t change from month to month and I think that’s the best way to use this app. There are other budgeting apps that keep track of that and don’t require u to input the charge every month. I only wish I could have multiple ‘budgt’s so I could use one for vacation, one for work expenses, etc.
Awesome app for daily budgeting

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A screenshot of the BUDGT app.
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